Britons on a 7200 KM Trek in a Chocolate Powered Biotruck

Agence France-Presse
Published: Saturday, November 24, 2007

A pair of environmentally friendly Britons set off yesterday on an unusual 7,200-kilometre road trip to the remote African city of Timbuktu, travelling in a truck fuelled by chocolate. The route of Andy Pag and John Grimshaw will take them by ferry across to France, before they continue their chocolate-powered journey via Spain, across the Strait of Gibraltar and through Morocco and Mauritania to Mali. The trip is expected to take three weeks and will be powered by 2,000 litres of bio-diesel made from 4,000 kilograms of chocolate, the equivalent of 80,000 chocolate bars. They also have a small processing unit on board their vehicle, pictured, that can convert waste oil products into fuel. Although the fuel is chocolate-based, it will not provide an emergency snack -- it is made from cocoa butter extracted from waste chocolate.